Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 24 - June Marathon

I retrieved my other set of pastels from my studio this morning. I couldn't decide how I wanted to break them up, so I took them all. This first drawing is done with the set I have been using and the second one with my pastels from my studio. The second definitely is more toned down.

I went to my old (and used to be) neighbor's property to paint today and was greeted by their two young great-grandsons who were eager to have me paint up at the frog pond. I've seen the frog pond, so I graciously declined. They very politely insisted on helping me carry my gear to a place that was my choice. The one with my easel didn't last long with it and ended up with my board. We got to our destination, and I offered them paper and some pastels... They wanted to know when I was going to eat my lunch. I pretended not to be hungry. I didn't want to share my lunch and my pastels. They were as delightful as two young brothers on a hot summer day with a huge mud puddle and a young dog can be.

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