Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ice Cold - SOLD

10 x 10 oil and collage on board

These portraits can be a little tough to name. My first ideas for names are usually derogatory or sarcastic on some level, but I mustn't sway the viewer to think unkind thoughts. Sometimes a name will occur to me as I'm painting and I think it's perfect, but someone else may not see it my way at all. I rather the name not be an influence on how the painting might interpreted. I plan on doing a million of these little portraits - really only 100. I am doing a show in Ft. Myers in Feb. and possibly two others. I would like to have them done by then. Hopefully naming them will only get easier.


Linda Popple said...

Always fun to stop by and see your collages. This one has a dramatic look to it that I like. Looking forward to seeing more!

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

beautiful as usual!